About Us

Advice For Living specialises in developing solutions to your personal “what ifs” – good and bad.  We work with you to develop a plan that will maximise your financial outcomes and minimise your potential risks.

Our Investment and Insurance Philosophy

If you’re looking for marble floors and mahogany boardroom tables, then we probably aren’t your people!  We focus on building close relationships with our clients, not big offices!

Our approach to investing is to provide simple, understandable, value for money, advice.  If we can’t explain a strategy or investment to you so that you can understand it, we won’t be putting you in it.

We believe that clients get the best long term results by investing in simple, low cost investment vehicles that have the correct risk profile for the client.  We don’t believe in constantly adjusting portfolios to chase last year’s best performer.  We specialise in strategies, not stock picking.

With our insurance recommendations, we aim to provide comprehensive cover at an affordable price. We first look at recommending the most appropriate cover, then at making it affordable.  We want to know that when you need to make a claim there won’t be arguments about whether you are covered.