Our People

  • Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper

    Advice For Living is led by Andrew Cooper. Andrew has an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and a Bachelor's Degree from Melbourne University. More importantly, Andrew's own financial journey has been anything but smooth. He knows all too well how easily, and unexpectedly, things can go badly wrong. Like many committed financial advisers, Andrew became an adviser after receiving some very bad planning advice, and having trouble finding someone to trust. He is determined that what happened to him, will never happen to his clients.

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  • Alison Cooper

    Alison Cooper

    As Practice Manager for Advice For Living, Alison Cooper shares the responsibility for the practice's overall direction, development and strategic decisions. She also assists with the back office management and client liaison. Alison has an Advanced Diploma in Public Administration, and almost 40 years of telling Andrew what to do!

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  • Picture of Lisa Brockett

    Lisa Brockett

    Lisa does a range of admin work, including our Facebook and website. She also assists Andrew with advice documents. She is in the office on Mondays and Thursdays.

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  • Marlene Coomer

    Marlene Coomer

    Marlene arranges review meetings for clients and follows up some of those annoying forms we have to get signed! She is in the office on Wednesdays.