When you think of life insurance, think about protecting your family.  We don’t like to think about the bad but we all want our family and ourselves to be covered if something tragic was to happen.  Would you have adequate insurance to make sure your house loan is paid out, let alone a lump sum to insure your family’s future?

Having sufficient insurance means that if you were to get sick or injured you would have the financial stability to cover your repayments and debts.

It is not nice to think about but at Advice for Living  we ask the hard questions and discuss and develop strategies to help when a “What If” situation happens to you or your partner.

Are you sure that you have put in place a plan to ensure you and/or your family have the income to continue their current way of living?

If you are struggling to answer some of these questions then maybe you should make an appointment to meet with us and discuss protecting your family and yourself because, unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people!

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