Superannuation is all about saving for your retirement.  For successful retirement planning it is best to start early.  If this is not possible then start as soon as you can.  Any savings now will assist in maintaining a comfortable lifestyle through your retirement years.

In determining what savings or superannuation you may need in retirement, have you considered the following?

  • What do you expect your annual income will be in retirement?
  • Will you need money for other lifestyle expenses, such as travel – maybe overseas or interstate, car replacement, home renovations, etc?
  • How many years do you wish to fund in retirement, i.e. how long you do expect to live after retirement or are you going to rely on the Age Pension?
  • If you have investments – what is your expected rate of return?  Are your investments suitable for your future plans?  Would you like to consider a choice of investment options or increase your investments?
  • Do you want to provide an inheritance for your child(ren)?

At Advice for Living  we believe that financial planners are not only for the wealthy.

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