16 November 13

Philippines Disaster

Today Alison and I helped Eltham Rotary pack Aquaboxes to send to the Philippines. The Aquabox is packed with practical items to assist the victims of disasters. Mosquito nets, rope, tarp, basic tools, soap, torch, etc., but most importantly it includes a water filter and water purification tablets, so the box itself becomes a tank to hold and dispense the IMAG0190purified drinking water. The Club is sending as many boxes as it can, but costs are substantial. If you are thinking of donating to the disaster but are worried how much of your money will actually get to the people in need, perhaps you could donate to www.aquabox.com.au. Every dollar you donate goes to equipping and sending the Aquaboxes to the disaster area. No salaries, admin costs or bribes. Everything is done by the local volunteers of the Eltham Rotary Club.