24 July 19

Scam Alert!!

We have been advised from the Department of Health that there is currently a phone scam targeting Home Care Package recipients.

Even if you are not effected I thought that you may know an elderly person who may receive such a call and you can forewarn them of this happening.

Notification from Dept of Health

Awareness of phone scams

All service providers should be aware that there have been recent reports of scammers targeting Home Care Package recipients via phone.

These scammers often start by offering a better Home Care Package and attempting to lure the client into making a payment of some description, including through the purchase of vouchers.

In one reported case, a scammer advised the client they could offer a better Home Care Package deal and that they were eligible to receive a sum of money, but in order to receive this money they had to pay upfront through the purchase of vouchers.

Service providers should encourage their clients to report any suspicious activity to them and the police.

Information on scams and the ability to report them can also be done via the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s website ‘Scamwatch’.