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29 November 16

Survey: Financial advice boosts confidence in retirement.

  • 77%

    Seventy-seven percent of Australian pre-retirees who haven’t enlisted the help of financial professionals don’t feel prepared for retirement, according to a recent survey by MLC*.


    But Australians engaging the help of financial professionals are more than twice as likely to feel ‘very or fairly well prepared’ for retirement than those without a financial professional.


    Those surveyed with financial planners are also 25% less likely to expect to rely on government support to ensure their financial security (52% with financial advisers compared with 27% without)


    And are 10% less likely to be relying on an inheritance to ensure financial security (77% with financial advisers compared with 67% without).


    Couples need $58,922 per annum for a comfortable retirement and $34,064 per annum for a modest retirement, and singles needing from $23,000-$43,000 per annum for a modest to comfortable retirement, according to MLC.


    The survey found that women are almost twice as likely to feel unprepared for retirement as men. For many women, career breaks to have children often means less super, and a lower annual income when they return to work.

    Gen Y

    Young people (aged 25-29) are also more likely to feel unprepared for retirement, as retirement seems too far off to worry about, according to the survey.
    *MLC’s Australia Today report published 16 August 2016

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